Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Interceding Prayer

Each day is filled with times of interceding prayer. I pray for the request from the NRN prayer chain. I pray for family and friends. I pray for dear friends who serve as missionaries around the world. I pray for the person who comes to the door of the church needing help and assistance.

Then God places a serious need right before you when you least expect it. Sharron and I finished our day of service at the church and met friends for a nice dinner. On our way home we turned at an intersection and saw this accident. The people inside the automobile had been evacuated and the ambulance had just left the area. It makes you pause and thank God for His hand of safety upon us. I paused to pray for those involved in this potentially life changing event.

Sharron and safely returned home and she encouraged me to check out my daughter Stephanie's new postings on her blog. I just had to "steal" these two pictures and comment on our newest grand daughter Breeley May:

Comment: How precious! Well, no bows, but plenty of ruffles...

Comment: That is a perfect expression of pure joy! Just six weeks old....

Saturday, June 26, 2010

A week of VBS at NRN

Monday June 14 thru Friday June 18 was a week of Vaction Bible School at NRN. Last Sunday - June 20 - we celebrated what God did during this awesome week. Since a picture is more than a thousand words - here are few of my favorites:

Alyse really seemed to enjoy the week at VBS.

Alyse was really happy when she received her sailor hat. We rushed home and she shared it with "grandpa" Wiltshire. This is Sharron's dad and Alyse's great- grandfather. He enjoys life as an 82 year old.

On Friday evening we enjoyed the outdoor concert by the youth worship band. There was also a slip and slide; face painting, and crafts, followed by ice cream!

Sailor J - aka - Pastor Jordan seemed to enjoy his role in leading music through out the week.

Early Sunday morning the VBS team prepared for our worship experience.

As part of the fund raiser for missions - the annual contest between the girls and the boys took place. The winning team again this year was the GIRLS! Pastor Jordan expects the "goop" to soon be applied to his head.

And we were not disappointed by it's coverage.

Of course - Captain Bob - leader of the boys team took his loss well.

And he joined us in thanking Sandy Floyd for a great job as this year's VBS director.

The congregation cheered when we announced that 26 children had accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior. Only heaven itself will reveal the impact of VBS at NRN this year!

Tomorrow - I will continue in the teaching series through the book of Jonah.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Think its time for an update

OKAY - I realize I have not updated my blog since June 6th. Over the past few weeks many things have been happening within my small circle of life. A few of these things include an awesome Vacation Bible School at North Raleigh Church of the Nazarene; a great visit from Sharron's dad over Father's Day; special moments with each of our daughters and their families as they visited us in Raleigh; and a case of laryngitis and a sore throat that kept me down for a few days.

Over the next three days I plan to bring my blog back to life with multiple postings. Check back soon for great pictures and reflections from the month of June 2010. I will do my best to be sure that all the comments will be trustworthy sayings.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Youth Ministries Sunday at NRN

Today was awesome at NRN!

Pastor Jordan Unfried and the student ministries worship team led us into the presence of the Lord. It was so great to see these students on the platform leading us in worship.
Kathryn, Alana, Michal and Annalise were
the vocalist that led us in worship.

Pastor Jordan led the vocals and played the guitar.

Jonathan and Sarah were awesome on the electric and bass guitars. Moses and Esdras rounded out the band on the conga and drums.

A season of prayer fell upon us as we prayed for the students leaving middle school and entering into high school. Then for the high school graduates as they face their future as young adults. This was followed by a pastoral prayer time and then a time of communal worship by taking communion.

Then Pastor Jordan brought a great message about the need for communal worship and service. It was with a gentle and humble spirit that he presented the Word of the Lord.

Following the worship experience several us of went out to lunch at one of my favorite restaurants. It was an early day of fun and laughter with our grand daughter Alyse with us.

One other observation about our worship experience today: I was introduced to a couple who attended our worship experience this past February. They had not returned, nor did they turn in an attendance card. This means I was unable to contact then following their first visit to NRN. One of the several comments they shared with me today was that something seemed different in our church. They commented that they were impressed with the changes we had made. When I inquired about what changes - they simply responded "We feel the presence of God in this place."

I believe God is moving in our midst. It seems God's house is turning into a house of prayer and God's presence is with us.

I close with the words of Hebrews 10:25:

You should not stay away from the church meetings, as some are doing, but you should meet together and encourage each other. Do this even more as you see the day[a] coming.

a.Hebrews 10:25 day The day Christ will come to judge all people and take his people to live with him.

Friday, June 4, 2010

National Doughnut day

Today is National Doughnut Day! This is to celebrate National Doughnuts Day which was established by the Salvation Army in 1938 to honor women who served doughnuts to soldiers

I have a vivid memory today about when I was a child that my dad would take me to the local Krispy Kreme that had just opened on Independence Blvd. in Charlotte, NC.
I have always liked my childhood favorite doughnut. Now as an overweight man in my 50's I seldom enjoy the taste of a hot, fresh doughnut.
I recently read that Krispy Kreme and Dunkin Donuts are giving away free doughnuts today. There is a limit of one per customer and no purchase is necessary at Krispy Kreme locations. Dunkin Donuts requires a drink purchase for the free doughnut.

So, today I plan to make an exception and enjoy a doughnut on National Doughnut Day.
I also remember that as a child, my family never went to church. I have a slight memory of going to a VBS at a local church but my parents never took me and my two brothers to church. I did not attend church on a regular basis until I was in high school. I was invited by my best friend and his family would come by my house each Sunday and provide a ride to church.

Now, I see many people who have the opportunity to go to church but do not place it as something important in their life. Is it difficult to invite people to church?

Here is a simple clip to consider:

Organized Church from Grace and Peace Magazine on Vimeo.


Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Pizza with the Pastor

This announcement was in our worship folder last Sunday:

Pizza with the Pastor

Parents of elementary-age children are invited to a meeting with Pastor Rick on Wednesday, June 2, at 6:00 p.m. to dialog on the direction and future plans of our children's ministry. Special activities are planned for the children during our meeting. There will be pizza, salad and beverage for all who attend. Contact Pastor Rick to make your reservation by noon on Wednesday June 3rd.
I have a great heart about our children's ministry at NRN. Now is the time for change in our ministry. I am excited about what the future holds for our ministry to children.