How long were you married when you realized that your spouse didn’t seem quite as perfect as you once thought? Does he/she seem to push your buttons more often now than when you were dating?
Of course no one really expects their spouse to be perfect. We married them for better or worse — right?

Once the so-called honeymoon stage has passed, couples begin to settle into the routines of married life. It’s at this point that some may question what happened to that sweet girl I married, or where did that considerate guy that I married disappear to? The truth is; that guy/girl that you married is still right there. If the honeymoon has ended in your marriage and your bride/groom seems different, then maybe it’s time to stop evaluating how they have changed and instead take a look in the mirror.

Have you ever considered that your partner was sweet, cute, kind, and considerate because while you were dating, you actually brought those traits out in your partner? Perhaps you too were more pleasant, more fun, and more concerned with your appearance back then, so your partner responded in the same manner. Why should this change now that you’re married? Why does the honeymoon have to end? As the marriage matures, the relationship does change in some ways as both partners become more comfortable in their roles as husband/wife, but there is no reason why the marriage relationship can’t be just as wonderful as the dating relationship. Actually, I think God intends for our relationship in marriage to be even more wonderful than it ever was while dating.

If you don’t feel that your relationship is as great as you would like it to be, then here are a few suggestions that may help. However, this is not a list for “fixing” your spouse or tips on how to make your husband/wife a better mate. No, this list is all about “you”, because the first step to a better marriage relationship is to first be a better spouse              Continue at