Friday, May 6, 2016

The Force Awakens - Friday Funny


I did NOT have the opportunity to see the Star Wars release of The Force Awakens in a theater of my choice.  My wife is not a big Star Wars fan and I was going through a big time of transition in my life and did not take the time to see the film soon after release.

This past week - in a small room - I pulled out the treasure I rented at a local Red BOX - and with a large bowl of popcorn by my side and a cold Diet Rite close by - I placed the DVD in the player and truly enjoyed watching The Force Awakens.  

I now feel I am once again connected with our culture. 
( I do admit I watched in horror and sadness near the close of the movie.)

With this said: I also really enjoyed this from Jimmy Fallon on the Tonight Show.  

Here is my Friday Funny for you -  Enjoy!

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