Saturday, November 14, 2015

Preparing for Worship on November 15 2015

Several people this week have shared with me that last Sunday there was a definite moving of God in our time together. As I prayed for the worship on Saturday evening the Lord placed on my heart the name of a person who had missed several weeks from church. When I called them that evening they confided in me that they had been visiting other churches looking for something that had not found at our church.  God spoke to my heart and I implored them to consider being with us on Sunday because I sensed God was moving in our midst.  Even before the worship began last Sunday a person told me that they had listened to the rehearsal of the worship team and the songs for last Sunday were "awesome".  The worship began and I did not see the person I had spoken too on Saturday evening.
When the sermon bumper clip ran on the screen and I walked to the pulpit and looked out across the congregation, the first person I saw was the person I spoke to on Saturday. When the worship came to a close and I had prayed the prayer of benediction - that person came to me and thanked me for the phone call from the previous evening. They then shared with me that God had clearly spoken to them and they had found what they had been seeking.  The are so happy to be part of North Raleigh Church of the Nazarene!

What are you seeking for? Have you missed worship at NRN recently?  God is moving my heart for the message marinating in my spirit. This Sunday we close the teaching series with a message entitled: Be Prayerful.  You will not want to miss it!

Here is the planned order of worship for tomorrow:

We begin with a welcome and a Scriptural Call to Worship.  Then we stand to sing to our Great God!

We now pause to go before the Throne of God in prayer.

Most people’s tendency when preparing to host such a person for dinner is to focus on external things, such as what they will cook, and making sure the house is spotless. Such preparations actually say very little about our personal relationship with those we host. If we hope to really get to know others and develop strong relationships with them, we should give less thought to such external things and more thought to how we might connect with those we will host on a personal level. As we conclude our series on how God calls us to prepare for the return of His Son, we will see that connecting to God in prayer is absolutely essential to cultivating a heart that longs for Christ’s appearing. 

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