Saturday, January 9, 2016

Preparing for Worship on January 10, 2016 This is gonna be good!

As we gather on the second Sunday of 2016 I am very excited about the message God has placed in my heart to share.  The messages of this new teaching series have marinated for months in my spirit and I am trust for a true moving of  God's Presence in our midst.  I hope you will come with a heart filled with expectation - a heart prepared to meet with God. When we draw near to God - God draws near to us!

Here is the order of worship we have prepared:

We being our time together with a warm welcome and call to order in prayer. Let's be ready to sing our loud praise to God.

We pause for announcements about times to come together in service and training - and times to come together to eat and laugh.  A well balanced church which focuses upon the growth and development of Christians and the need for connection with one another and with God.

We bring our offerings to the Lord.

We bring our petitions with thanksgiving to the LORD!

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