Saturday, August 20, 2016

Preparing for a new teaching series at Gastonia 1st!

Tomorrow at Gastonia First Wesleyan Church I plan to launch a new teaching series entitled:
The Beatitudes: The Great Contradiction.

I have never preached the messages in this series but have been working on this series for over a year. I look forward to what God is planning to say through me as He works in me.

 Success in the world is often defined by popularity, wealth and power. But Jesus broke the standard measure of success with the Beatitudes, teaching that God doesn’t reward the rich and powerful just because they’re rich and powerful. Instead, he rewards the meek, the persecuted, the gentle — he rewards those who seek Him. 

Beatitudes: The Great Contradiction is a nine-week message series that breaks down the atypical characteristics of a Christ-follower. The first four guide us in our relationship with God, the second four in our relationships with other people, and as we grow in each of these areas so does our influence. There can be tension between the way Christ calls us to live and the way the world wants us to live.

I hope you will plan to be in attendance if Gastonia First Wesleyan is your church - and that you will also plan to bring someone for this series. Exciting things are going to happen in our midst during the next few months. 

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