Wednesday, December 16, 2015


This evening at 6:30 our Prayer Encounter resumes at NRN.  
           Here is a thought to enhance the time together:

Over many years of encouraging and helping people move closer to God, I’ve discovered that one of the biggest hindrances is a wrong concept of God’s character and nature.

More specifically, a lot of people really don’t think of God as a “person.”     In the minds of many, God is an invisible force, or a mysterious, nameless, faceless . . . entity. But not a person. Then they wonder why they have a hard time experiencing the intimate fellowship and communion with God they hear others talking about.

The Bible makes it clear that God possesses person-ality. He feels and expresses emotions. He makes decisions. He enjoys and values fellowship!

Yes He’s all those “omnis” . . . omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent. His majesty and glory are incomprehensibly great. But the greatest wonder of all is that He can still be connected with as a person.

If you’re having difficulty building in a rich prayer life, maybe a good place to begin is with a right concept of who God is.

You see, if you don't understand you're talking to a Person, you'll never pray naturally and organically. Prayer is a conversation between two persons.

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