Sunday, April 3, 2016

Trusting God I preach a good sermon today!

Today I am privileged to preach at First Wesleyan Church in Gastonia, NC

I am really jazzed about the opportunity to preach today.  I have missed preaching since the last time I stood behind the pulpit on March 6, 2016. 

I have been in prayer for over a week about the message God would have me preach.  It seems God was speaking to my inner man about several sermons but a break through came early this week about I message I MUST preach.

Several images have challenged me this week as I prepare to preach - here are a few:

Love is such an overused word -- don't we "love" hot dogs and apple pie, and "love" going to the beach? But love in the Bible has a much richer meaning, particularly when applied to God's feeling toward his people. Max Picard, a French existential philosopher from the 1930s, wrote about what he called, “the flight from God.” He comments on the Biblical truth that every person, every generation, every culture, is in an active, rebellious, breakneck sprint away from the presence, power, and provision of God. 

The Bible describes God’s love for us, a kind of love that goes far beyond the greatest human capacity.

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