Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Getting things done with a God view.

I recently began to post about the importance of Goals and Plans. To achieve anything in life you have to have goals. Specifically you have to have goals that are SMART; Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-bound. 

There are many things in the corporate world that reek of project management lingo but this is one of the positive things I've taken away.

From David Allen's philosophy of Getting Things Done as humans wanting to progress, drive and deliver results, be that in our career  or in real-life, we need to have specific goals at various levels so that we can track our progress, focus on what matters and make sure we're on track.

Our most immediate objectives are specified as the 
“view from the street”. This usually comprises of any small goals that we'd like to achieve in the next month. We should be very specific about these goals so that we can take immediate steps to work towards them.
Our next level of goals are known as the “Bird's-eye view”. 
These objectives are a little more woolly and high-level but still measurable to some extent. An example of this might be to learn 
an aspect of a particular skill in some measurable way.

As you can tell we're gradually zooming out further and further to view our long-term goals. This is so that we can view our progress towards much larger goals that are in essence the real reason we're doing anything at all. Having goals that are further away allow us to make sure our closer goals are more relevant and actually going to set us on the path to achieving them. 

This view is known as the view from “10,000 feet”. It will include perhaps our yearly goals or the goals we set ourselves over the
 next 1-5 years. Obviously they are very high level and might be anything such as retiring our debt as a church or building for additional growth we anticipate. 

My thought is simple.  We have a BIG God!  We should be praying BIG prayers. Our goals for God’s work should be BIG goals. Our view should be a GOD view.   

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