Friday, January 6, 2017

Heard the news? It is going to snow!

Have you watched the weather recently?  Are you fully prepared for the impeding winter snow storm approaching Gastonia NC?  WOW - I even stopped by Sam's Club today to meet the strong impulse that I needed an extra gallon of milk - and was surprised to see that the bread isle was completely void of bread.  I was so glad I came for milk only.

I am also happy to report that at the time of this post - there has been no decision about whether we will have services this Sunday at First Wesleyan Church.  I can report that the power points are prepared and the message for this Sunday has been marinating in my spirit for the past week. I have decided to wait to see the snow impact for Sunday morning before predicting the future. Check back on Saturday morning and you will be able to see the songs we are preparing for our time together this Sunday. 

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