Saturday, January 14, 2017

Preparing for worship on Sunday Janaury 15, 2017

Last Sunday the roads were covered with ice with a coating of snow.  It took several hours of exchanging text and phone calls to make the final decision to cancel services.
I posted the following to Facebook:

With our paramount concern being SAFTEY! All ministry activities at Gastonia First Wesleyan Church are cancelled on Sunday January 8th. Stay home, stay warm and stay safe.

I had been fighting a cold that week but the antibiotics prescribed from a recent visit to a doctor is doing it's work and I feel much better and ready to preach.

Here are the songs being prepared for tomorrow in worship:

Often times we are hesitant to actually identify a specific area in which to pursue holiness because now failure is both possible and identifiable. And the resulting pain and shame can often cripple us. We may cope by blaming others, or claiming, “nobody’s perfect,” or offering an unreflective “I’m sorry.”  But none of those things move us any closer to the holy lives that God desires us to live. There is, however, another way to authentically pursue holiness and not be paralyzed by our failures. It is to face failure head on through the act of genuine repentance. Failure followed by repentance results in life and hope.

Join us tomorrow at Gastonia First Wesleyan Church!

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