Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Freedom for All!

On this blog, I try not to be too political.  The goal of this blog is TRUSTWORTHY  Statements and I try to give Glory to God, provide encouraging truths for the Church, bring a little laughter and share what God is doing in and through my life. 

Today, I have decided to make a political statement.  For the first time I am declaring my political affiliation.  I am a member of the Republican Party.  This decision came a number of years ago and I lean toward a Conservative slant in my political thinking. 

I think it incumbent upon every American to vote their conscience in the election process which men and women have given their life for in the preservation of freedom. 

An influence to become Republican came when I lived in Michigan.

Freedom for All — On July 6,1854 a political party was formed in Jackson, MI for one reason and one reason only: to end slavery.

Now 162 years later, there is still work to do!

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