Monday, July 11, 2016

Ways to welcome first time guest to our church

Here are some practical tips to effectively welcome guests:

1. Realize the value of the first impression. 

What guests initially think about your church will forever be in their minds. If their first impression is negative, it will be very difficult to overcome.

2. Understand the why, not just the what. 

How-to lists are wonderful, but not as important as the “why am I doing this” list.

3. Think like a first-time guest. 

On purpose, view your church campus, facilities, and people through the eyes of a first-time guest. Many times familiarity breeds complacency. See your church through the lens of the guest.

4. Honor the guest with excellence.

 “Good enough” so often isn’t good enough. Be a first-class representative of your church, but more importantly, be a first-class representative of Christ.

5. Go the extra mile. 

Instead of pointing guests in the direction of the nursery, escort them to the nursery. Offer to save them a seat with your family in the main service. Don’t merely be a friendly “hello,” go the extra mile.

6. Exercise patience. 

Like any relationship, the guest-local church relationship may take some time. Be willing to take small, baby steps with guests that may go a long way in encouraging them to be returning guests and eventually active members.

Hospitality is not suggested in Scripture—it is commanded. Let’s do our best to effectively welcome the guests God will send our way this weekend.

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